“I want to teach where I grew up in East St. Paul so that I can be a positive role model.”

Va Xiong’s family immigrated from Thailand to St. Paul when he was a child, and his parents stressed the importance of education. His first experiences with teaching came at home, where in his family of 10 siblings there is a long tradition of older siblings teaching their younger brothers and sisters. Now as a history major at the U of M, he is honing his critical thinking skills as he prepares to teach social studies. He also works for the U of M’s Office of Admissions, and hopes to use his higher education experiences to help his future middle or high school students get into college.

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I had a teacher that I looked up to who was really fun to be around, and that’s when I first thought that I could be that same role model.”

Working with youth:

Because they’re so young and open, you can pour your knowledge into them. And if students are falling behind, I want to help them catch up.”