“No two days, two years, two students are going to look the same. It’s going to be a different experience and each day will be an adventure.”

Kendra Richter’s interest in special education came from friendships she formed with students with disabilities while in elementary school. In high school she observed a special education teacher, who became a mentor and inspiration to her because of her willingness to try new things and not to give up. “This special education teacher treated every day like a new day,” says Kendra. Kendra says she’s also learning new things every day in her special education major and chose the U of M because of the wide variety of classroom experiences available to her in the Twin Cities.

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I absolutely love my classes and think they are doing a good job of preparing me. It’s all information that I want to know and want to know more about.”


The U of M really does care about developing teachers for their future classrooms. I can see that played out through the instructors and advisers.”