“Having my whole major focused on literature will give me great tools to teach that subject. Being passionate about a subject is important in being able to teach it.”

One of Marina Kuperman’s first experiences as a teacher came during her first year at the U of M when she tutored adult immigrants learning English through a service-learning course. This experience resonated with her because Marina and her parents immigrated from Ukraine to the Chicago area when she was a child. “The adults in the first class I taught were going through the same things as my parents,” she says. Marina continued service-learning with the support of an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program grant. She researched best practices in education and how different schools in Minneapolis are redefining those. She is excited to begin teaching to see firsthand how policy plays out in the classroom.

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I am motivated to help students acquire their voice through language and literature, so they can use these skills to navigate the world.”


We’re lucky to be here in the Twin Cities because there is so much to offer. You’ll not only get that experience in a classroom but you’ll be able to observe in different schools - alternative, public, private, charter - and decide what works best for you.”