What kind of teacher will you be?

Everybody approaches situations in work and life differently. Answer some quick questions to get a picture of what your teaching style might be.

The Decisive Teacher

You're decisive and quick to take action, and like to focus on the realities and practical applications of your work. You value facts and logic, and can take in details fast to think on your feet and solve problems. You don’t like factual errors, vague statements, or "surprises." You’d rather stick with methods that are proven and backed up by research and experience.

You approach your teaching in an objective and analytical manner. You are more aware of the realities of your work, and focus on the task at hand. Your students will rely on you to give them honest and timely feedback on their work and performance.

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The Versatile Teacher

You like taking in facts and information to provide the right practical help for people. You see the human side to logic, and like to build relationships and agreement. You don’t like theoretical possibilities, or “cookie cutter” mentalities. Providing personalized help and assistance – and seeing results – is what drives you.

As a teacher, you're prepared with thoughtful lessons that take in to account different student needs and learning styles. Getting to know your students and seeing them learn and grow as people is just as rewarding as when they tackle assignments.

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The Intuitive Teacher

You’re guided by your passions and beliefs, and are interested in possibilities and "what could be." Always full of new ideas, theories, and perspectives, you like to empower others - either individuals or groups - to grow and reach their potential. Documentation and paperwork are not your favorite things, and you enjoy working in a harmonious environment where new ideas can bloom.

As a teacher, you feel energized by watching students come alive with new ideas and connections of their own. You help students set and reach for goals, both in the classroom and for their futures.

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The Pioneering Teacher

An agent of change, you back up your interest in possibilities with logic and facts. The newest theory or the latest research is where you turn when thinking about how to make the future better. You're organized, weigh lists of pros and cons, and would rather discover the answers for yourself than be told. Short-term thinking and planning turns you off – unless it's part of the big picture.

Your classroom is filled with the newest ideas and practices, and you're not content to rest on last year's lesson plan. You help students break down hard concepts and understand their own learning style and patterns.

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