“I decided on art education because I realized that my favorite part of doing arts and crafts is with other people. It was really the human connection I enjoyed the most.”

While taking art classes in his first year at the U, Reid Anderson realized what he most enjoyed about making art was doing it with other people. That led him to consider teaching, and he explored the profession through the DirecTrack to teaching program. “Having other students in the DirecTrack program to reflect on my experiences was really helpful because we’re all learning together,” says Reid. As soon as I was in DirecTrack I started to look at my art classes not only as an artist, but also to pick up effective and non-effective teaching strategies. It’s a unique perspective to have as a student.”

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I’d say get yourself in a classroom or in a place where you’re working with kids. That’s the only way you’re going to know that it’’s something you’re passionate about. Start with the students and also consider the social environment and policies.”


If we have statistics that we don’t have enough students graduating, I would like to think there’s something I can do to change that. If I’m not thinking like that, I’m not looking at the whole picture.”

Reid is currently an art teacher at Eagle Ridge Academy in Eden Prairie, MN.