Explore Majors and Areas of Teaching

Explore the relationship between majors and areas of teaching here! Select a major or area of teaching that interests you, and see what majors or areas correspond.

Certain majors and teaching areas have recommended pairings, indicated by a star. These pairings have course requirements in the major that most closely match the entrance requirements for the selected area of teaching. However, there's not just one path to teaching certain subjects, and we encourage you to explore many areas as you make a plan for a career as a teacher.

Before you apply, double check your program's prerequisite courses, and email your transcript to be pre-checked by an adviser.

Areas of Teaching
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Area of Teaching
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A major I'm interested in isn't listed here.

With the University of Minnesota offering more than 140 undergraduate majors, this list would be too huge if we listed them all. If you're interested in teaching and a major that isn't listed below, contact your college academic adviser to see how you can connect your interests.

What if I want to teach geography? Or Japanese?

Certain areas of teaching have many areas of concentration, such as Science Education (5 areas), Social Studies Education (9 areas), and Second Languages and Cultures (14 languages). We've highlighted some of these areas for you to explore, but check out the licensure pages to see all of the concentration areas. If the concentration area you're interested in isn't available to explore, ask your academic adviser about the major path that would be the best fit for your teaching goals.