Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Pre-Teaching

You probably know people who describe their studies as "pre-med" or "pre-law." These students choose an undergraduate major that will support studies in medicine (like biology or organic chemistry) or law (like political science or history), all with an eye towards entry into graduate programs to become a doctor or lawyer. Just as pre-law and pre-med students approach their undergraduate education with a mind towards their future career, so should teachers.

We approach teaching at the University of Minnesota the same way. Many of our initial licensure programs require a bachelor's degree first; you will have a comprehensive knowledge of your chosen subject matter, and then study at the graduate level to become a teacher. DirecTrack to Teaching is for current U of M freshmen and sophomores who want to explore the education field and get on the path to admission to the graduate teacher licensure program. You’ll stay in your major and college while taking education-related courses, doing service-learning in local classrooms, and building relationships with other future teachers on campus.

The U of M offers three undergraduate majors where you earn your degree and teaching license in four years:

You can major in Agricultural Education, Music Education, or Special Education, and earn your teaching license at the same time you complete your bachelor’s degree.

The U of M also has undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education Foundations and Early Childhood, which offer preferred admission into the graduate level teaching programs. For these majors, you earn your license after completing both the major and the master’s program.

How will I pay for my teaching program?

You may qualify for loans, grants, and scholarships. The College of Education and Human Development has a number of scholarships reserved for students entering our graduate teaching licensure programs, including scholarships by subject area. CEHD also has scholarships available to current U of M undergraduate students.

Schulze Future Teacher Scholars Program

If you are a current undergraduate student pursuing teaching licensure in the high-need areas of math, science, ESL, or special education, you may be eligible for the Schulze Future Teacher Scholars Program. Find out more about the eligibility criteria.

If you have completed your undergraduate degree and are interested in teaching math, science, or ESL, find out more about the eligibility criteria.

Federal programs

There is also a TEACH grant for those entering a high-need teaching field as well as federal loan forgiveness programs for teachers.

Will I be qualified to teach in another state?

The MN teaching license is highly transferable to other states. Students who graduate from the U of MN go on to teach across the United States and abroad.